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In 2010, scientists discovered the Fountain of Youth serum nicknamed H2207. Claiming to be an age-reversing miracle, the Brotherhood stole it in order to revive their dying leader, Magneto. Thrilled with the results, it wasn't long until the X-Men transported the serum to Charles Xavier. No one knew the chaos it would result in years later, ending a war for their rights and beginning a war among themselves.

The year is now 2016. The X-Men and Brotherhood are clashing heads and the Cure is more readily available than ever. Join us; the war is just getting started.



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"nothin' personal, mon ami"


Full Name: Remy Etienne LeBeau
Code Name: Gambit
Age: 28
Date of Birth: 16th of June
Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual
Species: Mutant
Alliance: X-Men
Citizenship: Marvel
Canon or Original?: Marvel Canon

"Victory is MINE Baldy!
And if you had any hair I'd take that too!"

Hair: Shoulder length brown hair, normally kept in a ponytail with long bangs to cover the eyes.
Eyes: red irises on black sclera
Height: six feet one inch
Weight: one hundred and seventy nine pounds
Distinguishing Marks: eyes: red irises on black sclera, rest of the body is normally covered and a scar on his stomach in the shape of four claw slashes from Sabretooth.

Appearance: The most notable feature Gambit possesses, which everyone in close proximity quickly notes, is his narrow blood red eyes, set into pitch black sclera. Though not fond of them, Gambit opts to wear a dark fedora, dipped over his face to such an extent his eyes are either covered completely, or in shadow. If a hat isn't within his reach, a pair of sunglasses, or simply cutting his bangs so they hang over his eyes, provides the best cover. His hair is a dark shade of brown, stretches to his shoulders, and shaggy in style. He stands in at an just over six foot tall, and possesses an athletic build, due to all his travels, and the fighting style he has developed over the years. The only dent to his appealing, ripped physique is a scar, inflicted by the mutant, Sabretooth, to the Cajun's stomach. Gambit is certainly attractive, especially with his thick Cajun accent which could melt butter.

Gambit clings to his trench coats like a security blanket, as a result of one mission where he was left standing in the cold for a considerable period of time stating that when he got back home he was getting himself a long coat, and refuses to go without them unless indoors, and in the heat. He has a similar attitude to his hats and sunglasses, but for reasons relating to insecurities, more so than attachment. The Cajun takes just as much pride in his physical appearance, as he does in his apparel, often opting for suits consisting of a dark purple, almost black, shirt, along with a black vest, and black pants to top it off. The combination of black and purple is certainly Gambit's trademark.

Face Claim: Taylor Kitsch.

"I’m not interested in making new friends,
I don’t even like the ones I have”




Bright lights
The cold
Authority figures
Disappointing People
People who pry into his past
People who take themselves too seriously
Sitting still for too long

Personality: If there is one word that can sum up Gambit, then it's 'mysterious'. Outwardly, Remy appears charming, confident, suave, flirtatious and jumps at any opportunity to have fun. Overall, he's a good natured individual, being extremely well mannered, and polite, and possessing a boundless sense of humour, capable of talking until someone tells him to shut up, but also a good listener as well. He possesses limitless patience, so it's almost impossible to temper him, although he will not back away from a challenge. Rarely will he will be found in a bad mood either, always being capable of seeing the bright side of anything. Due to a huge percentage of people judging him on the basis hears say, which infuriates him to no end, Gambit doesn't judge others in a similar regard, giving anyone and everyone a chance, often more than he gets. That being said, he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, simply that they don't afford him the same chance as he does them. Gambit has an uncanny ability to talk himself out of any and every situation, which is employed quite well with his Achilles heel, pretty woman. Women want to be with, and men want to be... or beat the hell out of him. An international man of mystery. Gambit is a gentleman underneath all the bravado, and loves to play the hero to the damsel in distress. A hopeless romantic for romance. He understands that 'no' means 'no', and doesn't push beyond a few flattering words if a woman isn't interested in him. Though flirting is a reflex he has no control over. A ladies man through and through, the only exception to Gambit's flirtations is a certain Southern Belle he encountered on the numerous occasions he returned to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. While being playful, and teasing in his conversations with Rogue, there is more truth in what Gambit says to her, compared to what he says to anyone else. With her, he speaks the truth and wears his heart on his sleeve but his reputation and bravado sometimes make that hard for her to believe.

Regardless of how dangerous a situation he is placed in, Gambit is unable to take it seriously, treating everything as a joke, and poking fun at those in his company, but always to lighten an otherwise serious mood. He hates letting people down, and strives for approval. He doesn't care much for the mutant prosperity versus mutant superiority argument, caring more for helping mutants, no matter what side they fall on.

Gambit does have his limits though and his temper can snap when put in a position of conflict. Although rare, and when it does happen, he can become extremely angry. It's not something a lot of people manage to do. He also has a big mouth, which has landed him in trouble with the likes of Wolverine and Cyclops in the past, probably the most infamous example being the ongoing "bang, you're dead" rivalry with Wolverine, but more so because of their serious demeanors than anything else. Gambit is unable to tolerate people who take themselves too seriously. He doesn't like to take orders either, making him a rebellious individual to the point of being intolerable. He has left the mansion, only to return again several times as he likes his personal space and to go on the odd heist to keep his thieving skills sharp. He is also vain to the point of arrogance, aware of his good looks, accentuating them and bragging about them. He can definitely pass for immature, being rather childish at times. He doesn't trust easily either, as a result of making one too many deals with suspicious figures. This is a good thing in the sense that he won't make those mistakes again, but a bad thing in that he won't allow himself to put faith in anyone or anything. This is the root of a lot of his relationships, which are always brief. He can also be somewhat protective of the women in his company, and would willingly put his own life at risk for them, particularly Rogue, whose safety means the world to him. He has also been betrayed by women in the past he has still went back to help because he believes that they need his help and because at one point in time they did mean something to him, even if only for a night. That being said, most of his friends tend to be women, men aren't as likely to get along with him considering a lot of his traits make him rather obnoxious to them as well. He refuses to speak of his past with anyone, either evading the topic, or changing the subject entirely, believing that the guilt and shame of his past deeds is enough for him to bear, without sharing it with anyone else and the almost crippling shame has become like a phantom pain for him. Hiding information about his past has led people to believe he has something to hide, and therefore not many people are very trusting of him.

"With great power comes great responsibility"

Powers: Gambit has the mutant ability to tap into the potential energy contained within an object and transform it into kinetic energy upon touching it. When Gambit thus charges an object and throws it at a target, the object releases this energy explosively on impact. Gambit is unable to use this power to charge living objects.

Firstly, the energies and their difference. His Kinetic energy is the energy an object possesses due to it's motion. All moving things have kinetic energy. It is energy possessed by an object due to its' motion or movement. These include very large things, like planets, and very small ones, like atoms. The heavier a thing is, and the faster it moves, the more kinetic energy it has.

Potential energy is energy stored in an object. This energy has the potential to do work. Gravity gives potential energy to an object. This potential energy is a result of gravity pulling downwards. The gravitational constant, g, is the acceleration of an object due to gravity. This acceleration is about 9.8 meters per second on earth. The formula for potential energy due to gravity is PE = mgh. As the object gets closer to the ground, its potential energy decreases while its kinetic energy increases. The difference in potential energy is equal to the difference in kinetic energy. After one second, if the potential energy of an object fell ten units than its kinetic energy has risen ten units.

By direct contact, Gambit can convert potential energy into kinetic energy, charging a item, resulting in the object exploding. The most common example of this is Gambit's trademark playing cards which he can charge and throw to have the amount of force as a grenade.

Another contributing factor to the cards is because they are a smaller and simpler object to have with him. Meaning that he can quickly charge and throw several cards causing high amounts of damage. He could also charge a much larger object, for example a car and blow it up but as the size difference is greater so would be the charge time.

Gambit can also stimulate the kinetic energy an item that he acquires, instead of just converting its potential energy to kinetic energy. For this to be successful, an object must already have kinetic energy to accelerate. If the object can be moved, then it possesses kinetic energy. Gambit's trademark Bo staff, for example, can move freely and this way he can generate the energy to charge it simply. It's a six foot long telescoping titanium pole, which is semi-flexible, and can be retracted to a length of three foot to be strapped to his belt for concealment. This staff can be charged with enough power to level a house.

Gambit's ability to tap energy also grants him superhuman agility and finesse. With great ease he can evade attack, glide with grace, leap great heights and perform other great athletic and gymnastic like feats. Over time he has combined his martial art training to create his own fighting style. It was this immense ability which lead him to become arguably the greatest thief of all time as he could perform even the most complicated of thefts with relative ease. Whether it be avoiding lasers, balancing acts or sneaking in through small and discreet locations such as ventilation shafts and tunnels. as well as creating a static interference that shields his mind from detection and intrusion by even the most powerful telepaths.

When pushed over or tripped, Gambit's chances of not hitting the floor are reduced, due to the control he wields over potential and kinetic energy allows him to store and keep potential energy charged within his own body, preserving a constant flow of static interference that acts almost as a shield. Gambit also possesses a hypnotic charm that allows him to exert a subtle influence over any sentient mind. This power allows Gambit to compel others to believe what he says and agree with anything he suggests. More powerful minds have proven immune to Gambit's charm.

This power also allows him to neutralize contact based mutations, forcing the user to touch him in order for it to be used, which will automatically be diminish upon physical contact with him.

After surgery performed by Mister Sinister, Gambit's powers were restored to their natural potential. He was able to use his power simply by looking at an object that he wished to charge, including organic tissue. Gambit could also wield the capacity of the energy release and could even exercise a measure of control over time. Following his climactic battle with the New Sun, Gambit lost this enhanced level of power.

Gambit also has the ability to read and control a person's emotions, moods and temperaments, though Gambit's compassionate understanding but are much weaker than the average empath. He can only sense a person's emotions, knowing when they are faking a smile, concealing pain or lying. This heightens his presence of others, making it impossible for anyone to perform a surprise attack upon him. His hypnotic charm is limited to reading peoples emotions, as well as radiating a calming presence to make others close by feel more relaxed when in his company but if Gambit is on edge, then this effect is cancelled.

Weapons: Bo staff, for example, can move freely and this way he can generate the energy to charge it simply. It's a six foot long telescoping titanium pole, which is semi-flexible, and can be retracted to a length of three foot to be strapped to his belt for concealment. This staff can be charged with enough power to level a house.

Strengths/Abilities: Ability to control potential and kinetic energies, expert marksman, expert in hand to hand combat, superhuman agility. See powers again.

Weaknesses: Manipulation of Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy: For a long time, Gambit could not control his abilities, and this lack of control was displayed when he accidentally killed his brother-in-law, Julien Boudreaux, via the kinetic energy in his Bo staff, snapping his neck. This led to Gambit's exile from New Orleans. Fortunately for Gambit, after a few years he encountered a man known as Nathaniel Essex, the mutant geneticist who would give Gambit control of his abilities by removing a piece of his brain stem. This weakened Gambit enough to control his abilities.

Gambit restricts himself to only charging small objects for that reason. He always keeps his deck of cards on his person. Because of the time it takes for him to charge large objects, and the force with which they explode, as well as the fact Gambit can't throw them with as much ease, he avoids doing so. Timing is his greatest setback in charging objects, so the amount of time he takes to charge something, the more time his opponent has to attack him and potentially land a fateful blow. Physical contact has to be made with the object to be charged is necessary, with it being far too difficult for Gambit to charge an object any other way and maintaining control of his powers. He cannot charge living beings, such as animals, humans and other mutants. He cannot charge an object that doesn't possess potential energy, and can't accelerate the kinetic energy in an object that doesn't have it, either.

The enhanced agility and dexterity he garners from his control over potential and kinetic energy also has its setbacks. Like any other mutant with these abilities on their own, Gambit can suffer from fatigue when he uses them too much, with his joints becoming exhausted from excessive and such agile movement. If over worked the risk of injury increases greatly.

Hypnotic Charm: Gambit's hypnotic charm abilities can be switched on and off, and for the most part they remain off considering the effect they have on a person's free will, with Gambit only using them when he it is essential. It was an ability in which he abused when he was a member of the Thieves Guild in order to blindly steal information from people, something he is ashamed of and regrets which is why he only uses it when he has no other choices. But despite the fact he has a hypnotic charm, it is not a power that can rival other telepaths, they are in fact completely immune to the effects of this ability, as are people with more powerful minds. It only works on the easily swayed, such as the Jedi mind trick but it also doesn't work on people aware of his power and when is trying to use it on them. His influence is much stronger with the combination of speech and visual contact, and he requires at least one of these elements of communication to apply this ability.

Although the broad range in reading people's emotions due to his empathic ability gives him, Gambit is capable of spotting a liar from a mile off. Before his mutant abilities awoke at age eleven, he considers this ability more of a hindrance than anything else because he can't control it. His inability to pick whose emotions he can detect, and whose he can't, and is overwhelmed by them. Thus staying in highly populated areas such as Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, leaves Gambit with a constant headache. The ability has shown a tendency to fluctuate, in that Gambit has blocked people's emotions out sometimes, but others he hasn't been able too. Although he radiates an aura of calm he does not have any other powers which can help him influence others emotions.

Gambit has red irises set into black sclera, which is a physical mutation that strengthens his hypnotic charm abilities, but also holds him back, not just because of the obvious fear associated with such a trait, which garnered him the nickname Le Diable Blanc (The White Devil) but because his eyes can't adapt to lights the way human's eyes can. Bright lights in the past have incapacitated him, rendering him unconscious for prolonged periods of time. This has all but forced him to wear sunglasses, or have sport his hair in the fashion of long bangs to form a fringe that shields and covers his eyes, so he can remain conscious. This makes photokinetic mutants a serious Achilles Heel for him.

"All it takes is one bad day to reduce
the sanest man alive to lunacy,"

History: Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Remy LeBeau was abandoned by his parents shortly after birth due to his unusual blazing red eyes. He remained in hospital until the New Orleans' Thieves Guild kidnapped him, wherein he was then placed in the care of a gang known as Fagan's Mob. Penned as 'Le Diable Blanc', or 'White Devil', it was believed that he would unite the two warring thief factions, the Thieves Guild and the Assassins Guild. Raised in the ways of thievery, Remy lived as an orphan on the streets. When he was eight-years-old, he met Bella Donna Boudreaux. Spotting an attack on the young girl from the rooftops, Remy came to her aid, but the Cajun soon realized there was little help he could provide, as she easily took down the assailant. The pair became fast friends.

When he was ten-years-old, he attempted to pick-pocket Jean-Luc LeBeau, the leader of the Thieves Guild. This attempt didn't quite go according to plan, and the young Remy soon found himself being taken under LeBeau's wing, and adopted by his family. All the while, his relationship with Bella Donna continued to grow, and they would frequently team up, whether to steal candy from the local store, or hang out together around Louisiana. They came from opposing factions, Remy from the Thieves Guild, and Bella Donna from the Assassins Guild, but despite that, it was a trial keeping the pair apart. Their strong friendship soon turned to love, and with that Remy's father, and Bella Donna's grandfather, came to an agreement, a marriage between Remy and Bella Donna in order to unite the two warring factions, and bring about a peace pact between them.

At the age of fifteen, Remy accompanied his cousin on a ritual initiation of the Thieves Guild. Things soon went awry for the Cajun and Etienne Marceaux, as they were quickly captured on their mission by Candra, and sold into the child slave trade, under the deformed mutant gangster known as Pig. In order to escape, Remy picked up a playing card dropped by his cousin, unintentionally charging it, and throwing it into Pig's face, taking out the mutant's eye. Remy and his cousin escaped by diving into the sea, and while Remy was saved by the guild, Etienne drowned.

The Cajun went on to steal diaries from the Weapon X programme, under the orders of Mister Sinister, who disguised himself as Nathaniel Essex at the time. Remy, and the guild, set out to complete the mission, in which Remy was left standing outside in the cold, swearing he would steal a long and stylish jacket as soon as the mission had been completed. This was a promise the Cajun kept. Remy got his hands on the diaries, but ultimately decided not to hand them over to Mister Sinister, believing them to be too dangerous for use. Instead, he burned them, and returned to his guild and Sinister, claiming he was unable to steal them.

To prove his worth to the Thieves Guild, Remy was employed to find a priceless necklace, known as the L'etroile du Tricherie. It had been previously stolen by a con artist named Genevieve Darceneaux, and deciding to use his skills in manipulation, his abilities to hypnotically charm people, Remy set about to locate the item, against his brother, Henri LeBeau's, wishes. This would begin a series of many altercations with the animalistic mutant, Sabretooth, who attacked Genevieve just in time for Remy to come to her rescue, making it more difficult for the Cajun to steal from her thereafter. He did eventually manage to obtain the necklace, but around this time Sabretooth kidnapped Genevieve and Henri, luring the Cajun to him, and forcing him to make a trade. He was forced to choose between the two hostages, in exchange for the necklace, a choice that resulted in the end of Genevieve's life.

Remy later went on to fulfill the agreement between the Thieves Guild and the Assassins Guild when he turned eighteen, marrying his childhood sweetheart, Bella Donna. While she was truly in love with him, Remy harbored doubts regarding the union. He wasn't alone, for Julien Boudreaux, Bella Donna's brother, was angered by the union, based on an infatuation he had for his sister. Because of this, Julien challenged the Cajun to a duel, and because of Remy's abilities, his brother-in-law was mortally wounded in the fight, and later died as a result of his injuries. Bella Donna was forced to plead with her faction to spare Remy's life because he had breached the non-aggression pact between the two factions, but on one condition. The Cajun was to be exiled, and while Bella Donna begged Remy to take her with him, he angrily refused, and left his wife.

After leaving the guild, Remy, donning the name Gambit, became a wanderer, taking jobs the Thieves Guild refused across the country. Through this time on his own, he became a master thief, and made many contacts and enemies alike, along the way. He also realized the true extent of his powers, and feared the damage they could cause. As a result, Gambit sought help from Mister Sinister, not realizing it was the same man he had attempted a job for years before, but a mutant geneticist, he asked for help controlling his powers. Sinister made a deal with the Cajun, if he helped him, then Gambit would work for him. Unaware of the devastation such an agreement would cause, Gambit accepted, and had certain cell tissues removed from his brain. This might have weakened Gambit, but it made his powers far more controllable.

Gambit carried out various missions for Sinister, as agreed. The last of these required Gambit to gather a number of mercenaries, labeled the Marauders, which included the mutant, Sabretooth. Gambit had no idea why he was asked to group together a number of mutants, all known to be violent and or hostile, all he did know was that it didn't sit well with him, and ensured Sinister was aware this was to be his last mission as a result. Nothing could have prepared Gambit for what was in store when he led the Marauders through a series of tunnels beneath New York, right toward the sewer dwelling group of mutants, the Morlocks. Their job; to exterminate them. Once the full extent of Sinister's plan became clear to the Cajun, he attempted to stop it, but it came at a price.

Sabretooth clawed the Cajun through his abdomen, putting Gambit out of action. Wounded, Gambit did manage to save one of the Morlocks, a little girl known as Sarah. However, the consequences of his actions remained firmly with him, and he would spend the rest of his life trying to atone for the mutant massacre. Badly injured, Gambit left Sarah in safe hands, and was later happened upon by Ororo Munroe, otherwise known as Storm of the X-Men. Once brought to Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters, and healed, the Cajun was encouraged to join the X-Men's efforts, but unable to take orders, or work well within a team, the Cajun left the group shortly afterwards, just before the events of Liberty Island. He kept his distance from the X-Men right until after the battle on Alcatraz, continuing to do what he did best; lie, cheat and steal.

Still, he remained at arm's length from the group, refusing to divulge anything about his past, and often leaving the mansion, and spending considerable periods of time away. However, it wasn't just Gambit's inability to follow orders that provoked such a course, but a fear he forever harbored of endangering the lives of those he grew close to. So he kept his distance, but soon fell in love with his teammate, Rogue. If Gambit had any reason to return to the X-Men, then it was to see her. But then Bella Donna appeared at the school one day, revealing the first of many secrets about their teammate to the X-Men; first and foremost that he was even married in the first place, not to mention his connections to the New Orleans' Thieves Guild.

Bella Donna had reappeared to ask Gambit for help; a group known as the Brood had attacked the warring guilds, killing many members on both sides. The Cajun refused the assistance of the X-Men, and returned to New Orleans with his wife to solve the problem himself. Their combined retaliation had won the fight, but Bella Donna had been mortally wounded, and Gambit was left to believe she had died. The Cajun suffered another subsequent loss in the form of his brother, who was also murdered, keeping Gambit in New Orleans for a significant period of time, in which he became the leader of the Thieves Guild in his father's place, suffering from the loss of his son. Once recovered, Jean-Luc LeBeau resumed his position, and his remaining son left the Deep South, returning to New York once again, with a new outlook.

He arrived at the mansion shortly after Christmas, and arrived to find his beloved Rogue pregnant. Her condition didn't trouble him because she wasn't involved with the father of the child, and Gambit continued to strive for a position in her affections. Months would pass before the pair settled their differences, but as the strain of being an X-Man weighed on him, the bomb went off. The mansion was destroyed, but fortunately the Cajun and the Southern Belle fled before the events, and settled in New Orleans, Louisiana, with Rogue's daughter, Rena Marie, and Remy's friend, Laura Kinney. For months, the makeshift family of mutants lived peacefully, but as things soon started to fall apart at the seams, they were followed by the very people responsible for the mansion's destruction; the Mutant Eradication and Extermination Group.

Opting to remain behind and deter them, Gambit stayed in Louisiana with X-23, while Rogue returned to New York with her daughter. Believing he can never live up to the ideals of the X-Men, or that he can ever change his lying and thieving ways, the Cajun remains in the Deep South, away from his former love.

"Next time guys, we should just
rebuild this place outta Lego."

Writing Sample:
The soothing sound of water splashing on a tiled floor echos throughout a small room in the Xavier School of Gifted Children. No television playing, no radio on, and only a lamp on the bedside table to barely light the room. Outside of the bathroom is a bedroom. Just standard things such as a bed, a chair, wardrobe, television, a desk, nothing you wouldn't find in any old hotel. It wasn't a very personal room. Mostly because it was used sparingly by a man who would always come and go. Sometimes for months at a time. This was the room of the Ragin' Cajun, Remy LeBeau. Also known as the X-Man Gambit. The tap lets off a soft squeak as he turns it to off and the room falls almost silent. The only noise heard is the dripping of the water from Remy's hair and body onto the tiles. He steps out of the shower and lifts a towel to dry himself off. Once dry, he chucks the towel into a washing basket and walks out of the room to see his clothes over the end of the bed. He left them out before he went for his shower.

As one of the oldest people at the school and because he liked to feel as good as he looked, Remy always pristine clothing. Thai silk pink shirt, black pants and waistcoat, his beloved deerskin black leather trenchcoat, all topped off with a black fedora to hide his light sensitive eyes. "I like to think it says a lot about me that I can pull of a pink shirt. Hm. Funny to catch me thinkin' a' my clothes as "uniform." Once was a time it just happened to be what I wore. But I guess after a few years a' runnin' round with "superheroes" your perspective gets changed. Whole lot has changed lately." Remy dressed himself and made his way over to his desk. He slid open the drawer to lift two of his trademark possessions; a pack of playing cards and a pack of smokes. You rarely ever caught Remy without a packet of smokes, much to Charles Xavier's displeasure while on school grounds and you never seen him without a pack of cards. He slips them into his pocket and slides the drawer shut again. Apart from the towel in the washing basket you wouldn't have thought anyone stays here or had stayed here. "Love, life, and livelihood all the rocks in short order. And now, pickin' up the pieces--feels like I'm gettin' someone else's life by mistake. A teacher? Security gaurd for mutant teenagers? Sympathetic ex-boyfriend? Gotten to the point where I can't tell what part a' me's the costume. Figure I just need to step away from all that. Clear my head." Remy looks over at the door and smiles. He knows he is supposed to be keeping watch of the halls and making sure everyone is in bed but he had other plans. He had places to be and people to see. He slides open the window and looks down to see if the garden is clear. Nothing to his left...nothing to his right...the coast is clear. Next to the window, resting against the curtain is Remy's Bo-staff. He lifts that, climbs onto the window ledge and has once last glance back at the door. "Nothin' personal, mon ami." As he could always feel that although the room was empty, he was always being watched. He then turns and jumps out of the window.

"I'm through talking, get out of my cave,"

Your name/alias:Remy or RC
Timezone:GMT+0 Edinburgh

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