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In 2010, scientists discovered the Fountain of Youth serum nicknamed H2207. Claiming to be an age-reversing miracle, the Brotherhood stole it in order to revive their dying leader, Magneto. Thrilled with the results, it wasn't long until the X-Men transported the serum to Charles Xavier. No one knew the chaos it would result in years later, ending a war for their rights and beginning a war among themselves.

The year is now 2016. The X-Men and Brotherhood are clashing heads and the Cure is more readily available than ever. Join us; the war is just getting started.




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 Posted: Dec 8 2013, 12:27 AM
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Underneath the echoes, burried in the shadows, there you were. Drawn into your mystery I was just beginning to see your ghost

The overnight shift was never really one that had a lot of action. The tips were usually better, if only because half the people who came in were looking for grease and salt to satisfy a late night booze laden urge. There was of course those who had other vices. The result was always the same. Generous tips from the few who did show up. Tandy couldn't ask for more. She got a lot done. The little tasks that never seemed to get done during the day.

Salt shakers filled. Ketchup bottles topped off. All that was left really was the wrapping of the silverware in napkins. Tedious, but easy enough. One fork, one knife, one spoon. Roll in paper napkin. Circle with paper cirle sticky thing. She had no idea what it was really called...

Tandy was seated in a back booth, that had a good clear view of the rest of the diner, and her two occupied tables. One had a young couple that seemed to be trying to sober up before going home. All they ordered was coffee. They still looked pretty satisfied with their mugs, so her attention drifted to the other table. Just some guy. All he wanted was water. No ice, and a straw. So he had it.

When she'd asked him if he needed anything else, he'd kind of... growled.

Tandy decided to leave him alone after that. He wasn't hurting anyone, so when his glass got low, she'd just bring him another.

So it was back to wrapping silverware. She could have lost herself in the mindless task, but she kept an eye on the door as she went. The chime on the door went off once, and that was when she set her task aside and got up to see who had just walked in.

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 Posted: Dec 16 2013, 02:30 PM
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Well, nobody could say he wasn't trying. Tyrone was in the library, just a couple blocks away from Tandy's restaurant. There were all manner of books at his disposal, and he was leaning over one of the tables in a seat, staring down at a book that had been suggested to him--Invisible Man.

He was a good reader; he'd made good marks in school, he just hadn't ever graduated. Or really shown much interest in furthering his education, not since he left Boston. He hardly ever read, or did anything that might constitute things of a traditional, educational nature.

Tandy didn't even know he ever came to the library. It was a rare event; only ever happened when he was bored, and feeling particularly unaccomplished on a given day. But, he did have a vague interest in getting a GED, or just proving to himself that he could have, if he ever tried. Maybe that was more of what it was.

Still, he hadn't told Tandy he came here while she was at work. Part of him was embarrassed, the other part of him just didn't think it mattered. He'd gotten a couple chapters into the book, before he pushed it aside, and stood to head on out. He was waiting around for Tandy's shift to be--hopefully--over. Or close to over.

He'd been hearing some rumors about kids going missing, downtown. No one really seemed to be looking into it--it was an eerily familiar situation.. He wanted to take Tandy to look into it. Or at least to see if she was interested in doing some sort of investigation. He knew she would be tired, after working late, but all the same. They didn't have to stay out late. Just poke around--and she could always decline, tell him they would go out another night, and that would be fine.

At the very least, he could 'port her home, save her a trip back to her apartment.

He was wearing a pair of baggy jeans, with a belt hooked to keep them just hanging off his hips, and a dark red tshirt with some graphic design on it, tribal in nature. He walked the two blocks down to Tandy's work, and pushed through the doors. He didn't have to take more than two or three steps inside before he spotted her, ignoring the host's greeting, to walk over to Tandy instead. "Hey."

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