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In 2010, scientists discovered the Fountain of Youth serum nicknamed H2207. Claiming to be an age-reversing miracle, the Brotherhood stole it in order to revive their dying leader, Magneto. Thrilled with the results, it wasn't long until the X-Men transported the serum to Charles Xavier. No one knew the chaos it would result in years later, ending a war for their rights and beginning a war among themselves.

The year is now 2016. The X-Men and Brotherhood are clashing heads and the Cure is more readily available than ever. Join us; the war is just getting started.



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Dec 2 2013, 02:35 PM
Tyrone Johnson

"Call me Ty."

Tyrone's a bit of a street rat. He's got no real house of his own, and no job. He crashes at Tandy's place more often than not. He's likely to be found around on the streets in the bad part of town, or occasionally poking around elsewhere, too. He teleports, so he can get around, if there's something that interests him outside his neighborhood.

As for Tyrone himself, he's a bit of a grouch. He can be short-tempered, and isn't terribly sociable. Most people keep away from him; he's been told he gives out 'bad omens,' whatever that means. Still, if you stick around him long enough for him to consider you a friend, he's incredibly loyal, and generally dependable.

This list usually stays pretty short for Ty. Tandy is his best friend, but outside of her, he doesn't talk to many people. Still, he can be a good friend, even if he's not a very cheerful one. He'll have your back.

Little bit longer of a list here, sadly. Anyone who wants to hurt people, he'll put here. He doesn't like bullies, or just... generally villainous characters. And he's not afraid to stand up and say something if you're being a jerk to someone else.

Tyrone's really not looking for ~love~. He's got other things on his plate. It's possible he's got a tiny bit of a crush on Tandy, though.
Dec 1 2013, 03:25 AM
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tyrone johnson

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Look, I hate biographies, so I'll try and make this quick. My name's Tyrone Johnson--most people just call me Ty. I was born in South Boston; in one of those ghetto neighborhoods where empty beer bottles and cigarette butts are in every gutter. I never met my dad; mom didn't seem to remember him that well either. I get the feeling they didn't have a real close relationship. <p>

When I was a kid, I took care of myself, most of the time. Hung out with a kid named Billy; we were pretty close. My mom was pretty indifferent, so when Billy and me weren't out causing trouble, I stayed at his house, pretty often. Practically lived there.<p>

Oh, I had a stutter, too, growing up. Pretty embarrassing; I still do, if I get too worked up.. or scared. <p>

Billy dared me to tag a storefront, when we were around seventeen. He had the cans, said he'd give me ten bucks if I went with him. He picked an old loan store, 'round eight at night. ..It was a tuesday, I think. We'd barely even started when some trouble started at the jewelry store, next door. Some sort of burglar came running out of the store, twisted behind him and fired a couple of shots out behind him. We went over to see what happened; the clerk inside was dead. <p>

I was scared; told Billy we needed to go, and he hesitated. Before we knew it there were sirens. We got out of the shop just as a cop car pulled up, guns blazing. Billy panicked and ran; I tried to tell the cop what had happened, but I was pretty freaked out. I couldn't get the words out of my mouth, and the next thing I knew, the cop had shot Billy dead. <p>

I didn't hang around after that--I took my chances, turned and ran. And kept right on running; I guess I was afraid the cops would come to my house, asking for me. I made my way toward New York, never turned back. There wasn't anyone else to go back to. My mom didn't care, Billy was really the only friend I had. Never finished high school; sometimes I regret that.<p>

That was where I met Tandy. Man, she looked so outta place. Looked about as lost as I was, too. I don't like to think I'm a bad person, but I'll admit it--I was going to steal her purse. Wasn't anything against her. She just looked like one of those rich kids that had cash to spare. Someone else got to her first, though. Maybe that was what did it; the look on her face, like she'd just lost everything when the guy snatched it away. So I stepped in, got her stuff back, got the guy to leave her alone. And she bought me dinner. <p>

We were friends after that. We both had nobody, so.. I guess it worked out. It worked out for a while; we didn't have much of anywhere to stay. Give or take a few days, someone offered us a place. Tandy didn't think anything was wrong--I knew something was up, though. Or... alrigh'; I suspected something was up. What kinda guy offers a couple of kids that kinda shelter, ya know? But Tandy wanted to go--I agreed, just.. to keep her out of trouble. That was the idea, but it didn't really work out that way. <p>

Turns out this guy, Simon he called himself, was testing out street drugs. I shouldn't have been surprised honestly, but by the time we found out what he was trying to do, it was too late. He wanted to test out his new drug on the two of us. Other kids had died from that crap. They probably expected us to, too, but they got a bit of a shocker that night.<p>

Whatever they did to us.. well, it changed us. Or maybe we were mutants all along; I don't really know. Don't really care, either. <p>

Tandy lit up like a beacon. Glowing; her light stunned anyone who touched it. And as for me.. My powers are a little different. I absorbed those fuckers. I didn't really understand what I was doing at the time, but we got out of there, one way or another. No one ever heard about that whole...incident, because the people involved.. well, they were dead. I knew they were dead, even though I didn't I knew.<p>

It took me a while to figure everything out.. But now I think I know. I know what I can do, and where my limits are at. I'm tied to another dimension. Tandy and I started calling it the Darkforce; 's the only name that really fits. I can teleport, using it, and if I take people there.. well, it's not good for them. They don't come back out. I can bring some of it here, too. Like a.. a cloud of darkness, that creates a sensation of fear around those within. <p>

And as far as fighting goes.. I mean, I got some skill, I guess. Well, okay. Maybe not skill; I have determination. I probably could have benefited by some sort of formal training, but ain't nobody got time for that. I just do what I can with what I have; I'm not the best fighter, but I can manage against a few street thugs. <p>

It ain't all that great, though. There are some downsides. I noticed, once we got out, that I can't really stand bright lights anymore. Hurts my eyes, gives me a headache. <p>

Worse than that, though.. I need Tandy. Like, I need her. Her light's different from normal light, I guess. It's like a living life force of its own. And if I don't stick around her, it does something to me. Makes me weak. Makes me lose self control. I mentioned I was tied to that other dimension.. I think I'm tied to some sort of creature inside of it, too. I can feel its hunger; it feeds off of Tandy's light. I can't go more than a day or so without it, or it makes me sick. Headache, weakness, sick in the head, too. I start to forget who're friends and who aren't. I depend on Tandy. <p>

Me and Tandy though, we've been using our abilities to help others, when we can. I don't want to see anyone else go down the route we took. We were lucky; most people aren't.<p>

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bobby ray

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street rat

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played by: Tie. in: Pacific Time. <br>

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