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In 2010, scientists discovered the Fountain of Youth serum nicknamed H2207. Claiming to be an age-reversing miracle, the Brotherhood stole it in order to revive their dying leader, Magneto. Thrilled with the results, it wasn't long until the X-Men transported the serum to Charles Xavier. No one knew the chaos it would result in years later, ending a war for their rights and beginning a war among themselves.

The year is now 2016. The X-Men and Brotherhood are clashing heads and the Cure is more readily available than ever. Join us; the war is just getting started.



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Dec 10 2013, 08:45 AM

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Danny Jones

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"listen the doctor was supposed to be a joke okay"

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ny &nbsp • &nbsp link

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Danny Jones

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3 august

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am i that guy who puts his fav res. as his background? yes.

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Dec 10 2013, 07:44 AM

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<font style=" font-family: orator std, lucida console, courier new;font-size:9px;text-transform:uppercase; color:#04060e; font-weight: none; line-height: 80%; ">if you want to i want to</font></center>
<center><div style="line-height:90%; color:#191919; font-size: 9px; height: 317px; text-align: justify; width: 200px; overflow: auto;">

<p>Danny is a central NY boy, just finishing up his senior year in high school. Or, would have if it wasn't for the unfortunate accident that ended with half the school's bleachers on his head and all the local papers writing up the newly-discovered boy-mutant. Danny left school for spring break thinking that things might blow over by the time everyone went back and he was wrong.

<p>Danny has wound transferal and rapid cell regeneration-- meaning he can take other's wounds onto himself and heal them up. He's known about his abilities, at their most basic, since he was about 10. But he kept them a secret from everyone, not exactly ashamed but also not really identifying with the mutants he heard about or saw on tv. So far his RCR has become public knowledge (to anyone who cared to look) but Danny's wound transferal is still a secret. Unless someone has a power-sensing ability or mind-reading capabilities, they won't know about it.

<br>Everyone should come be Danny's friend. Seriously everyone. He's got a mouth like a sailor and can be quite the debbie-downer with his immediate jump to worst-possible-conclusions-ever, but he's a nice guy! Really. There just might be a little-huge bit of a disconnection at first, because he still insists that despite his powers he's not actually a <i>mutant</i>, not really. This'll probably be reserved for other students and random humans and possibly unaffiliated.

<br>He shouldn't have many of these. Danny himself has asshole-ish sort of tendencies (even if he does usually mean well) so it's more likely other people won't like him than it is that he won't like other people. That being said, if someone irks him the wrong way, he usually remembers it. First impressions are pretty important to him. Surprisingly, Brotherhood members and members of the IMA won't immediately belong to this list. 'Oppressors' and 'terrorists' aren't okay with Danny, but he's aware enough to realize not everything's that black and white.

<br>Danny identifies as gay and while he's not against watching cute guys walk by he's actually a bit busy, what with all the moving and powers and hate mail and stuff, to actively seek a partner, <strike>plus like only three other kids were out at his school and two of them were girls and the lat was the most annoying person Danny's ever met so it's not like he even has any experience or anything</strike> so yes. Relationships might have to go on the back-burner.

<br>Everyone one else! Danny's not all bad, so everyone should come and meet him and maybe he'll start being less of a jerk and more accepting of things/himself/others. Because like it or not, he <i>does</i> go to Xavier's. Eventually he's going to need to choose a side.

<font style=" font-family: orator std, lucida console, courier new;font-size:9px;text-transform:uppercase; color:#04060e; font-weight: none; line-height: 80%; ">CREDIT TO FANTOME AT CAUTION.</font></center>

Dec 7 2013, 05:26 AM
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daniel s. jones

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<p><b>Accelerated Regeneration;</b> <i>the power/ability to heal rapidly from any external injury.</i>
<br><b> Wound Transferal;</b> <i>the power/ability to transfer physical/mental damage from one living being to another.</i>

<br><b>[Self-Recorded Interview; Tape#3]</b>

<p>"They talk about it all the time, right? More so now than ever before, 'cus, you know, <i>the</i> drug that can make someone live forever. <i>The</i> mutants that never seem to get sick and never seen to die or anything like that's crazy, right? Insane, because they've been studying the possibilities of that for years, trying to isolate the gene that makes them...uh, <i>us</i> do that. Or, ya'know, <i>not</i> do that. There's all these doctors and articles and experiments, trying to see if they can't just take some part of us and put it in others and just, like, <i>magic</i> heal everyone. And ignoring how impossible that is, 'cus no surgeries and things on us-- listen, hypothetically speaking, <i>hypothetically</i>, if there was a way ta, for example...zap a person's 'hurt' away... would it really be that useful? Really? The hurt doesn't <i>not</i> exist, just because we grow back quicker than normal people. Paper cuts and bruises are one thing and fine, whatever, but what if-- what if, like, someone was <i>dying</i>? What if their leg was broken, or lung ruptured, or something? What if they had 3rd-degree burns? The injuries don't disappear. They're just displaced, back onto the healer's body, and-- fuck, who'd want that, though? Who'd want to break their own leg just to save another person a few months of R-an'-R? It's not heroic or kind, it's, like-- it's <i>insane</i>. It's not even worth it..not that I would know, 'cus, you know. <i>Hypothetically</i>.

<p>Don't give me a lecture on 'the needs of the one'. Sure, 'if' that kind of power existed, it could be nice. Maybe the possibilities could be endless, or something, I don't know. Curing someone else's cancer and their children's diseases. Except it's not like we can <i>control it</i>, not without practice, like everything else. And my powers don't work like that--fuck, I mean, yeah okay I'm quick at healing. But how many broken bones and burnt up faces will I have to go through before something like that even gets useful? And what if it worked on something like missing limbs-- what, I'm supposed to risk that, too? Missing parts of me don't grow <i>back</i>, they just <i>heal</i>. Amputate my leg and it'll heal itself to a stump, not a new fuckin' foot. And it'll be <i>slow</i>, too, probably something like, what, a day? Two? How long does it take for a stump leg to heal over? Whatever, shorter time than that but it'll still hurt <i>wicked fucking bad</i> because the fun part about healing is that things don't <i>work</i> on us-- so yeah, assuming this fancy power of, uh...'transferal' existed, <i>in theory</i> maybe it'd be cool. All I'm saying? I could understand if anyone who had this power wanted to keep quiet about it."

<br><b>[Self-Recorded Interview; Tape #2]</b>

<p>"...gave me a sheet to follow this time, because apparently <i>some</i> people thought I was getting off-topic. Whatever-- these are my journal record things, I do what I want. I was told I could swear, at least-- that mom wouldn't be listening. That anyone but me and the journalist would be listening. Pretty sure that's a straight up lie, but I volunteered for this, so.

<p><i>So</i>. They want me to talk about the recent news, and stuff. Political views. Which means short tape.

<p>Look, I don't have an opinion. I wasn't even born when all of this fucking started! And, yeah, it's pretty impossible to ignore everything going on, but... this might screw up your study and sorry, but listen-- it's not like I really ever identify with those people out there-- the <i>Brotherhood</i>. Those people have scales, and tails and fucking spikes and are all these crazy colors and can kill a person by, what, <i>looking</i> at them wrong? They have to fight for equality 'cus they have to. No one would know about me if it wasn't for the accident. On the outside, I look like a normal guy, right? I could go my whole life...but those guys don't have that option. The only thing I have in common with them, with <i>any</i> of them is my ability to <i>do</i> things. But that's like saying I should join race-activists because as humans we all <i>breath</i>, so...

<p>...yeah, bad example, shit. You know what I mean. How am I supposed to chose a side when I'm not one of them?"

<br><b>[Self-Recorded Interview; Tape #5]</b>

<p>"What the fuck sort of questions are these? What do you want me to say? I didn't <i>tell</i> anyone about your study! I didn't even know you had that many other people in it-- maybe a mind reader at that rally thing, you know, <i>read your mind</i>."

<br><b>[Self-Recorded Interview; Tape #4]</b>

<p>"...hope you don't mind me eating while I do this. Things got hung up today. There was a visit-- okay first a call then a visit, whatever-- from those people at a school. The way they described it made it sound like some stupid summer camp that just happened to be in a mansion or something-- 'talented and gifted youngsters'. We can all guess what they were trying to get at. They left us with some pamphlets and business cards. Do they really expect us to call? Don't they have kids in way more trouble than me to take care of?

<p>Speaking of. Today's topic is on my first memory. Of my <i>power</i>. Another short one. There wasn't any one moment. It was just, like, a bunch of 'moments'. I never got bruises from falling or scrapes or shots because they healed up quick-- but my parents just thought I had good skin, or something. Mom swears I never got sick, ever, so my powers must have...manifested? 'Manifested' when I was little. It wasn't one moment I discovered I had them. It was a life time of thinking everyone was like this, until...until, you know. I realized it was just me. I was ten, or something. And, yeah, it was the same moment I decided I wouldn't tell anyone about it, ever. No ten year old wants to be different, and most would argue that I'm not even <i>human</i>.

<p>...and, uh. I guess, other recent events? We got another hate letter in the mail. The insults are getting pretty creative, I guess. Mom's showing."

<br><b>[Self-Recorded Interview; Tape #6]</b>

<p>"The guys from the school came back, yesterday. They say that they can help me develop my 'gift'. That they've seen people like me, <i>actually</i> like me, who can't get hurt. That if this study is published, if it gets out beyond the school board what happened-- that there could be people who don't accept me, even if my gifts can't ever <i>hurt</i> anyone. They said they could keep me safe while I decide what to do. I didn't tell them about the study, but-- fuck, listen, I said yes. This is the last recording-- but over a month is good enough, right? You've got all you need. And you've got others, apparently, so what does it matter? And it's not just about me-- Lindsey hasn't said anything about it, but I know she much be getting some sort of shit for all this. Dad's been working harder, out of the house, and Mom...I don't want her to stress out so much. As much. She's just been <i>stressed</i>.

<p>I know you're listening in right now. Probably, right? It's what I'd do. Just-- good luck with whatever you plan on doing. I'm not <i>interesting</i>, not like the others probably are. I don't know what the hell you'd use this for but...yeah. Thanks, I guess. It's the first time I just...said everything to everyone. It's probably going to be the last time I say it all. So, there's that. Thanks.

<p>Jeez-- okay, yeah, where's the 'off'?"

<br><b>[Self-Recorded Interview; Tape #1]</b>

<p>"...uh, so-- how do I...? Is it recording right? Uh, yeah, so I'm Dann-- wait, 'Daniel Scout Jones'. Uh, call me 'Danny'. Or 'Scout'-- or not, because with all these civil rights movements going on right now I think it's sort of...what, lame-- to be called after a civil rights' book's main character? And, yeah, surprise-surprise, I know what <i> To Kill a Mockingbird</i> is, I <i>did</i> go through eleventh grade just like everyone else. So, yeah-- yeah, just stick with 'Danny', probably.

<p>They--you--whatever, I was told I should just talk. About me. And saying 'I don't have anything to say' won't cut it, right? They said the study will last a while, not to worry because I can just 'space out' all my... talking onto different tapes. They said for the first one just to stick to the basics. They want to know <i>me</i>. Or, <i>you</i> want to know about me. Man, <i>whoever</i> ends up listening, whatever.

<p>Okay, I'm going to start again. 'Daniel Scout Jones', born February 21st, 1995. I'm from Syracuse, New York, and I-- uh. I'm a mutant.

<p>Wait, no, never mind-- that sounds like some stupid AA meeting, or something. Cue the 'hi Danny's'. I <i>am</i> a mutant, I guess. But it's not like-- it's not like it matters. No one would even know, if it weren't for--

<p>...I should probably tell in order. Not that my family life is anymore interesting. I'm from the type of family in the Christmas cards. Mom, Dad, two-point-five kids in the form of me, my sister, and the baby that's on the way. And before you ask, no. No, my Dad doesn't have it, isn't anything but your average insurance agent. My sister, too-- not the insurance agent, but the average part. That we know, so far. I'm the only freak.

<p>Sorry, I shouldn't say 'freak'. You know what I mean.

<p>So it's just the four-point-five of us, in our house in North-Syracuse. I applied to SU and got accepted, but...yeah. You know. Things are good. Mom's a principal in the local elementary school, so we're not exactly rolling in it. But things are fine. Things are nice. Were nice. We were <i>comfortable</i>. And we all get along alright-- I mean, obviously I'm not as...uh, truthful as they thought I was, but otherwise, we're fine. We love each other, Lindsey and I-- right, yeah, shit, I mean crap, 'Lindsey''s my sister. Me, Lindsey, Erin (my mom) and Joe (Dad). And little baby whatever-gender-it-is. Yeah, so, we love each other. Lindsey and I are only two years apart, but there was never any competition, or anything. We get along. Everything's <i>fine</i>. Or was fine, before. Which isn't fair, by the way. I mean, christ, I come out and everyone's fine and joking and minimal-awkwardness, but they find out I'm a mutant and suddenly everyone treats me like I'm made of glass and a liar?

<p>...okay, I guess I deserve it. I <i>told</i> them I'm gay. They had to find out about the mutant thing from like ten other people all at once, probably over facebook, probably in the middle of their days. I can see how that could seem...a little lying-like. But can anyone blame me? Seriously? You've seen the news, you know what happens to mutants at those rallies and walking home at night and standing in line in movie theaters and whatever else. So I never told them. i never told anyone. It was going to stay that way, accept for the accident. You know-- the one that made the local headlines, the one you heard about. 'Highschool senior has a section of bleachers fall on him during big game and survives!' 'Boy heals himself in front of everyone after freak accident!' Those ones. <i>That</i> accident. <i>I'm</i> fine, don't worry about that. Mom and Dad, too, though for a while Mom was making herself sick with worry-- the hate mail we got in the very beginning didn't help. But she's fine, the baby's fine, everyone's fine. Except Lindsey. You know the best part? She told me she's not pissed I'm a mutant, she's pissed I never <i>told</i> her. Sorry. 'Mad'. She's mad at me. Whatever, she hasn't said more than three sentences to me since the accident and it's been weeks.

<p>But she'll get over it, I hope. I really hope.

<p>Beyond her...I don't know. School's been weird. I stayed out for a few days, after it happened, and when I went back...things were just different. Things are different. People are just weird toward me, now. At least spring break's coming up, so maybe at the end of that, people forget? Move on? Man, I don't know. It'll probably blow over. I don't even know why you're bothering with this study. Things'll probably just go back to normal."

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gregg sulkin.

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played by: maybe. in: eastern standard. <br>
let's do this thing.

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